time to tease you again!

Yes, I know, when a writer has little to write about he or she falls back on childish devices.

And here’s mine! All you have to do is tell me what you think this is.


And because I like music to take off its black tie sometimes and get a little funky…I give you The Goat Rodeo. Enjoy. I’m off to be taxi service.


By the way…if any of you are scrabbling around looking for a new reader after the demise of Google Reader, then Old Reader, you could do worse than move to RSSOwl. I did and found it easy to set up and I’m only called “high tech chicky-babe” in jest!

Well, Carol guessed it was a Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus strigoides), some of you thought it was an owl. Man! I wish I had sixpence for every time I’ve heard these birds called owls!

They are not, despite the Latin strigoides in their name. They feed mainly on insects and most of the time, they just sit in a tree with their mouths open and catch their supper that way. Sometimes, they’ll come down to ground level for bugs.But, unlike owls, frogmouths have weak feet, totally useless for grasping and holding prey.So they are not raptors.

And why are they called “frogmouth”? I guess because they have  such wide mouths, a bit like frogs. This one is the first we’ve ever noticed in this garden.Mind you, they are difficult to see when they’re perched, camouflaged, on a branch.

Wiki has much more info here



…yes, I do! Hotter than a jockey’s saddle, but hey! It’s New York.

So very different from my first visit! IMG_3825

Trees with leaves! And the banner, above? Some of the roses on my friend’s terrace. I do have some other pics, but I’m a bit pushed for time, so here’s a small amusement for you…

Wylye Girl, over at the River Cottage (no, not Hugh get-yer-hair-cut) has a post about ageing and how to tell whether you are showing the signs of same. It amused me, possibly because I am approaching that time of life when people expect one to show such signs. Unless, of course, you’re like me and quite happily get on a bike (eventually!) and pedal around Central Park. (no photos of that, I’m afraid. Daisyfae and I were intent on not being taken out by a herd* of skate-boarders.More later…)

Anyway, while you wait to hear more about my cycling adventure, see how you score. This is an Anglo-centric quiz, but I’m sure you can adapt it for your own locale. These responses are mine.

…came across some new research that claims to have found the top 50 signs that you are getting older so I thought I would see how I stacked up against them, so here goes:

1. Feeling stiff. Yes, but some things have been stiff for years.

2.  Groaning when you bend down. No. Might groan if I can’t bend!

3.  Saying ‘In my day’. Probably.

4.  Losing my hair. Yes, to the extent that I no longer tear it out when ranting. The cats are looking a bit mangey…
5.  You don’t know any songs from the Top 10.  Didn’t even know there still is a Top Ten!

6. Getting more hairy (nose, ears, eyebrows, etc). I notice they don’t mention the Menopausal Moustache. So neither shall I!

7.  Hating noisy pubs. Yes.

8. Saying it wasn’t like that when I was young. Does repeating #3 suggest the author is getting old?

9.  Talking a lot about joints/ailments. What is “a lot”?

10. Forgetting people’s names. Like the new James Bond? Or the fellow who wants to be my next MP?
11.  Choosing clothes and shoes for comfort rather than fashion. Honey,comfort has trumped fashion for more than 40 years.It is possible to have both, y;know.

12.  Thinking policemen/teachers/doctors look really young.  Well, given that most who are older than I have retired…

13.  Falling asleep in front of the TV. Oh, yes.

14.  Needing an afternoon nap. Only at weekends when we have leisurely lunches involving wine (sorry, Z!)

15.  Finding you have no idea what young people are talking about. I often have no idea what ANYONE is talking about

16.  Struggling to use technology.  Like DVD recording and electric can openers?

17.  Losing touch with every day technology and tablets. see #16  Oh,wait! Maybe they mean the pill kind of tablet? Forgetting to swallow them. Um, yes. But only because I forgot to pack them…

18.  When you start complaining about more and more things.  See! Repeating questions again!

19.  Wearing your glasses around your neck.  Good God! No. When I need them, I need them in front of my eyes. Not dangling around my navel.

20 .  Not remembering the name of any modern bands.  I’d also like to forget that I heard some of their music.
21.  You avoid lifting heavy things due to back concerns.  Hey! That’s not age, that’s the wisdom that comes with age. Says she who was side-lined 6 months ago!

22.  Complaining about the rubbish on television these days. Doesn’t seem to have any effect ,does it?

23.  Misplacing your glasses/bag/keys. Does it count if you did these things at 20?

24.  You move from Radio One to Radio Two. For me, that would be like switching from Triple J to Classic FM.  (All radios Chez Dinahmow  have been tuned to Classic FM for 20 years.Sad.I know)

25.  You start driving slowly. Start? With constant roadworks and heavy traffic slow is the norm (except out by the golf course!)

26.  Preferring a night in with a board game rather than a night on the town. I wonder if this is not a typo?     Broad? Bored? Knight?

27.  Spending money on the home/furniture rather than a night out. Probably.This is a small town.

28.  You talk to colleagues so young they can’t remember what an Opal Fruit is. Who the bejeezlehoop has conversations about Opal Fruits? In my day (!) colleagues talked about a)other colleagues b) the boss c) the chances of snagging a Saturday date.

29.  Taking slippers to a friends’ house.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

30.  Listening to the Archers. Blimey! Is that still running? No, never did

31.  Falling asleep after one glass of wine. Define “glass” in terms of size

32.  Never going out without your coat. I live in the tropics.Don’t have a coat

33.  Getting bed socks for Christmas and being genuinely grateful. Pretty unlikely.On both counts
34.  When you can’t lose six pounds in two days any more. Wouldn’t you need to be bulimic?
35.  Gasping for a cup of tea.  Not me. I’m a coffee gal.But I still don’t see that tea-drinking qualifies one for an Old Fogey award.

36.  Taking a flask of tea or coffee on a day out.  Nope

37.  Joining the WI. Here, that would be the CWA. And my answer would still be no.

38.  Taking a keen interest in the garden. Less keen than when I had a much bigger garden and much younger body

39.  Spending more money on face creams/anti-ageing products. I don’t spend any money on such things. Probably why people think I’m old!

40.  Taking a keen interest in Antiques Roadshow. No. I have a lot of “old” things. And one of them refuses to throw the rest of them away.

41.  Taking a keen interest in dressing for the weather. Again with the “keen interest.”No, I don’t

42.  Putting everyday items in the wrong place. My bone folder in the pantry does NOT count. That’s not an everyday item…

43.  Obsessive gardening or bird feeding. Not obsessive.And I don’t feed wildlife (unless in rehab.Them, not me!)

44.  Really enjoying puzzles and crosswords. Nope. Too busy.

45.  Always driving in the slow lane or under 70 in the middle lane. No. see #25

46.  Consider going on a ‘no children’ cruise for a holiday.NEVER! sprogs or no sprogs. not.my.thing.

47.  Your ears are getting bigger. Are not!

48.  Joining the National Trust. Why?

49.  Drinking sherry. Hmm…the elderly ladies whose tipple is sherry have probably been drinking it for years in the belief it would not make them tipsy.So, no.

50.  Feeling you have the right to tell people exactly what you are thinking even it it isn’t polite. It is seldom polite.
* is there a collective noun for 200+ skate boarders? Herd suggests Serengeti wildebeest, which certainly was what it felt like the other day!


Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I’m working a new seam.Hoping for the motherlode, but hitting deadlines!

To keep the faith, I give you a small amusement and something else….your challenge, should you accept it, is to decide which is which!


Computer Generated.    

My brain, like my computer’s hard drive,                                                                                 Is full of fragments of wit.                                                                                                              And stuff I’ve writ                                                                                                                                          (Or not,as I only jot                                                                                                                                    it down when there’s a pen.)

The difficulty, quite plain                                                                                                                          in either case,                                                                                                                                          Is finding the key                                                                                                                                      that brings it back again.

  In a friend’s pool, Cairns.                   

Probably a collared whip snake. More information here http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/wildlife-ecosystems/wildlife/living_with_wildlife/snakes/what_snakes_live_near_you/snakes_of_the_townsville_region.html