Well, that was a deluge! I had to drive home, lights and wipers on, when the sky ripped open. And as I pulled into the driveway I could see mail sticking out of the box. So I inched open my door, grabbed the mail* and continued to the carport. Talk about wet T shirt time!

I’d been up to the Post Office to collect a parcel. And, now that the rooftop Taiko has stopped, I must make some phone calls before people shut down for the weekend.

The cats would love to tell you about the parcel.Details on their blog. 

And one picture to get you started…

“Jim” by Ann Wood

* Needn’t have bothered – one flyer from a politician wanting my vote, one from a real estate agent and one from some obscure church.


If the rain stops NOW and if the sun shines…maybe the poor, bedraggled vines can be trimmed and encouraged to try again.

Or maybe I should just consign them to the compost bin!

This will be a short post…the pong from the neighbour’s stinkhorns is somewhat overbearing. No, really!

They just love bark chips mulch!

Yes, I’ve changed my header again! Why? Because I can! This time I’ve chosen the berries of a Dianella. I think it’s D. caerulea.There are several!

Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise. These are at the local Botanic Garden so I can probably find out for sure when I go  to our “meet-the-artists” day during our exhibition.

Very fuzzy, but this is my piece, “Dig!”


In our part of the world we’ve been more fortunate than some, but we have had some very heavy downpours.

Yes, I know it’s our “wet season” and I know we need good rainfall to flush algae from waterways and top-up reservoirs….but jeepers! enough with the mouldy stuff , OK?

I’m beginning to feel like a character from a Somerset Maugham novel!

My chief concern is that I can only proceed slowly on the books. I don’t want to have too many damp pages at once. So how do I manage? Well, I think Heath Robinson would probably have come up with a better contraption, but I use this:

With ceiling fans whirring gently (as opposed to clattering like mad helicopters) it does help. Of course, it’s in the middle of the floor. And a great temptation to little black furballs. But, like Mr. Hobson‘s clients, I have limited options! And I can’t use this when drying glued pages.

But I’m not the only one suffering. If you’re interested you can read more about this “project” on our blog.

And for further notes on the daily doings Chez Dinahmow, the cats can help.

Back to work…