As I have mentioned once or twice before, I like a little sparkle, a little spice, a little risk in my life.

When I was around 7 years old one of our fun games was bowling down a hill in a big truck tyre. The track ran down to a lake, but we were in “no danger of drowning,Dad,’cos the track’s so rough we tumble into the scrub before we get there!” That was in New Zealand, the land of wacky things and wacky people.No surprise, then, that they’ve come up with another wacky sport and I am bustin’ to try this one:

Zorb Experience For A Family Of Four


White water rafting? Huge fun. (If you use a magnifier and look carefully, you might see lil ol’ me .)

Flying in an old bi-plane? A blast. But I already told you that last week.

Tobogganing on a tea tray? Bring it on. (The tea trays we rode were not beautifully-chased silver, by the way; more yer cheap tin from Petticoat Lane but they were perfect for sliding down Primrose Hill!)

But I am a little shy of some things. Especially if there is a very long drop between me and the ground! So, thanks all the same, but I don’t think I’m up for this:


Those of you who had to leave the room for medication or a change of trousers are excused.


When you have as many miles on the clock as I have it’s comforting to know that some of your oldest friends have stayed the distance. Especially if they have retained their zest and sense of humour!

One friend in particular ALWAYS comes up trumps with the perfect card for me and this year I thought I’d share her wit with you…

And yes, I did have red ankle-straps like these!


On Saturday I saw a charming sight…

…a “very well-built” man riding a small motor scooter with his pillion passenger, a little fox terrier, in a milk crate!


Now, I must apply my multi-tasking skills to some housework before school…