Yes, I have been travelling again. And I’ll tell you about some of my travels, beginning with the new header. This is a view, looking west along Asling’s Beach in Eden, NSW.

But before I got to Eden (oh, go and look at a map…) I spent a couple of days in Brisbane with an old friend …

We were neighbours when The Man and I rented  the house next door to her. She was a keen gardener and our many trips to garden centres, garden parties and gardening discussions probably saved my sanity. There were other things…ginger beer, bread-making various kitchen experiments come to mind

Brisbane seems hell-bent on becoming like Los Angeles…traffic is appalling, it’s often smoggy and buildings are getting taller.

But there is a good bus service operating from  (relatively) close to where my friend now lives. So we parked the car, hopped on a bus and went to Brisbane City Centre. First stop was a concert, put on by the Council for old folk. I think they banked on the fact that most old people are deaf! The sound levels were waaay off the scale and the featured singer screeched. We left after a couple of “songs” and wandered off in the direction of Southbank.

And half way down a main street, H. showed me a Thunbergia mysorensis – alongside some delphiniums, which I thought surprising! It’s  native to the tropical parts of India and ought to do well here, but I’ve never seen one  locally. Maybe I should address that …

I cannot seem to get a link to work, but try Google Images

On to Southbank, site of Expo, 1988. Today, a lovely place to wander or cycle or even run, if you’re that way inclined. Huge trees along the river and garden areas with some seating. And it’s the permanent home now of the giant Ferris wheel. Why the numeral 7  in the hub? I’m guessing that Channel 7 tv is a major sponsor.20181009_112745.jpg

We passed an elderly man (Chinese, I think) squatting  beside the river with a fishing pole. No reel, just a fixed line and old, practised hands gently manipulating it. 20181009_113207.jpg

I’ll leave you with one of the popular areas of the old Roma Street  rail yards. A display, beside a pond, of Brugmansias.20181009_132745.jpg

I’ll be back, maybe tomorrow, maybe later, with more “eye candy.” What’s that you say? I haven’t posted anything funny? Oh, alright. Just as a special treat for loyal readers…20181009_123542.jpg


This clown crossed the solid line from TWO lanes, then, for his finale, squeezed his low-loader into the turning lane(actually, he was half in the bike lane !), cutting off some poor bugger driving a truck and dog.

Never a policeman when you want one…

Once Mr. Clever had got out of my lane I continued across the river to the pool. Swam 2kms. Zipped across to the shops  and got some essentials (yes, cat food!), posted some letters, popped in to see the travel agent and flash my plastic.

And then I went to school. To play with paint. Lovely Grade 5s, all fresh and eager, positively shining in their clean, new uniforms.

The class have been reading and discussing Emily Rodda’s “Deltora Quest” and their teacher asked if I’d come to school and help with some artwork based on the books.

I have to admit that I’ve had to do very little, as Kylie has already done a fine job of producing outlines (bless the OHP!) on fabric. It was just a matter of guiding the brushes and trying not to splatter too much paint. But hey! these kids are nine-year olds and who am I to poor cold water on their efforts!

Next week, we’re going to tackle the dragon!

It’s always entertaining to work with these youngsters. Sometimes, challenging. And tiring! So this morning’s swim was a  very slow, lazy 1200m. My muscles kept sending signals that they didn’t want to do this. I countered with “it’s good for you”: and “you’ll be glad later.”   I’m not so sure…I took one look at the Hoover when I got home and decided a nap was in order!


…shortly after Christmas and will be back on the leash here in February.

Yes, that is a nice long  break. I thought I might just surprise you with a cyber postcard, but some of my readers are also Marie’s readers so they will, by now, know what’s afoot.

So, as you might imagine, there is much to be done. Like printing. Making a start on making books. Stocking the pantry. Paying bills. Streamlining the housework (who laughed? stand up, that person!) Oh yes, learning and remembering which button does what on the new camera.

I managed a rather good macro of this Aeschynanthus on a breezy day. And it is a cute little box o’ tricks. But I’ve been accustomed to a viewfinder for so long I’m slow to adjust! Don’t worry, the Fuji is still alive and well, but the Canon, like a pet mouse, slips easily into a pocket. (A buttoned-or-zippered pocket, for safety!)

Hmm…I’ve been calling this Tapeinochilos a “torch ginger.” But when I went to check the spelling I found all manner of conflicting descriptions. More sleuthing required!

Ooh…the rain has stopped! I’m off to the purveyor of pussy fare. I need paper, too, but this is not the weather for paper-shopping. And yesterday I was sunburned…