As Hurricane Sandy closed New York’s subway and saw gueues snaking around  the streets in competition for essentials, Marie wondered if the cat could be taught to play poker. I grabbed a brush…








Carved on a wooden bench at the Buxton Museum;the triskelion is an ancient(and widely-used) emblem, but I could not see any stated connection with Buxton. Possibly Manx, but don’t know.

An early wheelie-walker.Buxton Museum. I have a few more, but scanner’s not connected.

April 11. Trying new travel paintbox

Done (hurriedly, in a notebook!) Saturday evening, as the results were coming in.

Rough idea of what to look for at the airport. (I’ll be very upset if they pick me out straight away!)

Leap Day. Feb. 29  2012

The mid-teens next door had a pool party on Australia Day. One of the things in the pool was a giant inflatable thong.That’s a type of sandal, not uncomfortable underwear!

Soluble water pencil and biro

Love is in the air? No, pollen!       Feb 14 2012

T shirt for Ziggi. Should have done a lurid green microscope image -more realistic!

Feb. 14 2012

birthday party fare, in the “old days.”

cable ties to deter magpies

woman in Brooklyn with muff.who knew they were still a fashion item?


lateral thinking
IMG copperFrom my sketchbook.

. Almost as big as the sapote beside it, this is, indeed, a monster! (And, yes, it does fruit, but the wildlife usually get in first!)


The reddish bits are dead leaves caught in the stems

white sapoteSome leaves of the white sapote beside the monstera.

On Tuesday, some of us drift over to Heather’s and, if we’re not working on prints, we sit upstairs on the deck and sketch and drink tea and coffee and chat about art, life, art, life, sketch…. Here’s the view…

view from H. deckIf this poinciana survives butchering by the new property owners (it looks grim as the Big-Chopper-Muncher machine arrived yesterday!) I’ll try to remember to sketch it in its summer garb.

To the left of the poinciana is a Norfolk Pine, leaning like a drunken sailor and disappearing off-page!

a scribbly sketch of the view from my front deck at sundown. 

Here is a tree (Norfolk Pine) which is beside the gate at the main entry to the school(foundation stone laid in the 1930s, so I’m guessing the tree was planted about that time)It bears an odd resemblance to a Celtic Knot!


This is a page from another small sketchbook. Silly me did this on the reverse of a water colour sketch and it shows!

IMG trees_0002


kitten sketch _0001

>  kitten sketch _0002

2009_0209sky0004This is the sort of sky that makes you glad you closed the screen door. Or wish you had!


And another while stopped in traffic.

May 7 midday

On cheap paper in my sketchbook, so it didn’t take water colour well, but it’s Jimmy.

8 thoughts on “sketches

  1. Yep, I love the flowers in a pot. Nice work. All shows your style. Some artists do not have an imagination. Your work is refreshing. dee


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