Remember this ? Part of a sculpture wall, made from old farm implements and rusty old nuts and bolts, by ??? No one seemed to know, which I thought decidedly odd. Christopher Vine sculpture I posted this almost a couple of years ago and said then that when I found out who made it I’d let you know. Yesterday, I was back at the Botanic Gardens and this time I saw a plaque identifying the artist as Christopher Trotter. You can’t rush some things, can you! He is featured on various sites and has a website  If the link doesn’t work, try Google seems to be working independantly!

  But…what was I doing at the Gardens? Nine of us, printmakers all, had gone there to celebrate a birthday and do some sketching. And it just happened that 2 other local artists were launching their combined show of paintings and sculptures. Photography, always tricky down there, was nigh impossible with people wandering in and out of shot, but here is a partial of one of the birds in the series. Made on an armature of twigs, bark, twine (and goodness knows what else!), with some real feathers2009_0405birthdaykay0009The artist is Lyn Kane.

I did stay and sketch for a while, but baled out as the sun was doing a pretty good job of grilling me. 


Morinda citrifolia

morinda citrifolia

Cultivated throughout SE Asia and the Pacific islands for its medicinal properties and marketed as “Noni Juice” locally, this tree belongs to the coffee family. And botanists will notice it shares a name with mulberry and even non-botanists can’t fail to spot the citrus reference. So you’d be forgiven if you thought it would have the lemony scent of one of those. Ooh! Youd be so o o disappointed. If I tell you it has also been called “stinky cheese” and “vomit tree”  would you be likely to rush out and buy some Noni Juice? No? Didn’t think so!  It is one of the most foul-smelling, slimy things I’ve ever encountered. Almost up there with Durians. Almost.  In the lower left corner, just below that tiny white flower, you can see a pale, warty-looking lump. That’s  a ripe fruit. After making the mistake of trying to pick up a fallen one, prudence and olfactory sensitivity got the better of me! Wikipedia has more information. And while I’m on the subject of malodorous vegetation…for the past few days I’ve smelt Stinkhorns nearby. I scratched about in the mulch by the back fence, but couldn’t find the culprits, so I’m guessing the fungi are in a neighbour’s mulch. Yes, go on, Google Stinkhorn fungus and see what I mean! Okay, okay, I realise this has probably sent some of you off to get Auntie’s smelling salts so I’ll leave you with something more pleasant…       

wedding venueOne of two wedding venues at the Gardens.

I hope the wind didn’t shift during the ceremony as that Morinda is just across the lawn!



Can anyone tell me why the gremlins have decided to call that top picture “Christopher VINE sculpture” ? Stupid gremlins!


Yes, I did take the camera down to the gallery. Yes, I did take some pictures. No, you can’t see them yet!

I had to contend with people walking into frame, glare from lights and my own questionable ability. But I will fiddle about in the editing programme and see what improvements I can make.

But I wouldn’t want all you lovely people to come all this way (after all, most of my readers are on the “dark side” of the planet) and not see some artwork.

So here are a few pictures of one of my favourite sculptures. Look closely and you will see what these critters are made from. And if I can find out who made this I’ll come back and tell you.

The big picture…

…and some smaller parts thereof
bird bath

frogs and a platypus

How many people would have consigned these rusty relics to the tip? It’s like Meccano for Big Boys, isn’t it?

A short post (again!) because I have places to be other than in here. Ooh! And I must get some more massage oil. (That’ll be interesting if some bored person is googling !)
And, speaking of being bored, isn’t it tedius, sitting at the computer waiting for some programmes to do whatever it is they do? In such an idle moment the other day I did this little quiz. My answer was BMW

But of course…

What should you be driving?