…And not, I might add, without a little trepidation! I may write more of this bravado later…

But first, I’d like to acknowledge another blogger, who prompted this Sunday lunch dish:

2008_1201food0008Sweet potato wrapped with bacon and sage.


Of course, Ronell’s posted recipes look so much more enticing with vibrant watercolours…

But hey! you’re lucky to get even a quickie photograph… see that black, furry banner, waving, top left? Trust me, one does not fiddle about being David Bailey when Super-Nose is homing in!

Let me just say that lunch was delicious, although, local sweet potatos being somewhat bland, next time I’ll add a little spice. Water colours? Hmm…not with a hungry Man and three “tea leaves”* around!

But my day began well before lunch. I loaded the car  (God bless the station wagon!) with what felt like a million dead palm fronds and butts and headed for the local green tip. This, fortunately, is just a five minute drive away, whereas non-green  garbage has to go to the Big Dump, ‘way across town. Yes, we do have weekly garbage collection, but green waste disposal is down to householders.

2008_1201swamptrees0004A road less travelled? Not this one!

I had the camera along for the ride as I wanted to “catch” some birds that live in the swampy (ex-swampy) area by the dump.

I’d been hoping to see the brolgas but I guess, being birds of wet areas, they’ve “swanned off.” In fact, it is so dry up there at present I was able to walk right into the stand of Melaleuca.

2008_1201swamptrees0006After a recent burn.  Controlled or mischievous? Notice the new growth, bottom right?


I wouldn’t mind seeing these charred beauties in moonlight. P’raps I should tie a knot in my hankie for next full moon.


And that hi-tech stuff? Well, I’ve spent a lot of time going through my photo files and trying to decide what to keep and , having decided, whether I want it on the hard drive or on discs. And whether I have an ENTIRE DAY (and, probably, night) in which to do this. Some, of course, are swimming about in the ether of Flickr, but I still have a fair load on the hard drive and if I have another serious crash…well, let’s just say Mama will not be having another 85th birthday!

So, back to a little more editing before I head down to the cafe to hang the “Vestival.” Yes, I will have some pictures to infli share. Maybe tomorrow…

*Tea leaf is Cockney slang for thief.


So often, we are exhorted to “expect the unexpected,” to look for new slants, a different view of things.

And this is not a bad philosophy. Indeed, the “box” in which I live is constantly morphing into a different kind of box so that I really do think “outside the box!”

But to urge us, constantly, to expect the unexpected, to think outside the square, to invert the view is, at least to my mind, to strip the pretty wrapping from the gift.

What’s left? Certainly not expectation. And we all need some hint, some teasing promise of what might be just out of sight. Something to keep imagination fecund.

I was turning these thoughts over in my mind earlier today when I wandered through some blogs.

Bingo! The light bulb moment when I read this post ! I can relate completely to her reaction on finding that squirrel.

But had I been expecting something like that…I’m sure my reaction would not have been one of sadness for a dead animal, compassion for its death, gratitude for the person who lifted it to its gentle repose.

No, I am happy to accept and enjoy the unexpected, but I want it always to remain just that.

I should, at this point, hand the reins/keyboard to Rusty and let him tell you about his (totally) unexpected event. But Rusty is enjoying a sunshine break from the rain, which leaves it to me to break the news: Our menage is about to increase!
(And like all good thriller writers, I’m leaving you with bated breath!)

The round of seasonal partying has begun. Yesterday was the Printmakers’ day of festivities and those of us who were there enjoyed a memorable luncheon and some surprises.

The groaning board

I’ve often remarked that artists are frequently darn’ good cooks; it must be the creative bent. Certainly, yesterday’s lunch proved this theory. Colourful, artistic and oh-so-edible.Now, where’s my treadmill…

A while ago, one of the members in our sister group (comprising mainly needle-workers) issued a challenge to us to “make an apron.” No guidelines, no prizes, no limits, except that it not be bigger than our display space.

But a couple of us thought awarding a prize after lunch (when we’d all imbibed a little!) would add to the fun. The unexpected again!

So The Man quietly inspected the display of pinnies, pretty and otherwise, and chose this winner…

…and two runners-up;all three modelling their take on the humble apron.


And now… I must make room for the newcomers…