“… the press will have it’s way with the art. It slaps your hand when you get too fussy with the ink.”                Belinda Del Pesco.

April 6. The crumbling lino was consigned to the Great Bin and I continued with fresh Silkcut. This is the hibiscus, relief printed. The paper is 12x12cms.Plate

Grasshopper. Another lino inked as intaglio. Why? Sometimes, if my wrist is tired, I struggle to control my cutting so I’m trying to make fine shallow outline cuts that will accept the ink. I should probably just say it’s drypoint on lino, cos that’s what it is!

And it’s based on my sketches page header (above).

Hibiscus. Working on small lino pieces.

Hand coloured monoprint “Koala.”

December 2011. “test drive” Downstairs, in the slowly-being-converted-to-studio-space, the new inking/registration board. (With some experimental mono-prints)

Another acid etching from my first class. Need I say it’s a kiwi?

A dry point from the same class. (Pawpaw)

My first etching, floated on red card and matted and framed. Stitch bird.

One thought on “printmaking

  1. Hi there. I am Nanette Balchin and you bought my artist book from Gargett gallery. I see it here and it was a pleasure to see it’s gone to an appreciative artist. You can find me on Facebook and on my website You might be interested in the Liz Powell Artist Journals workshop or the Glen Skien Print Box Collage class. Love to see some Mackey artists at rocky in June! Are you part of the printmakers group in Mackay? Bye


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