Some of you may have thought I’d given up blogging entirely.Understandable!

I did think about it, I must admit. “Self,” I said to myself, “If you start something you should be committed to whatever it is. Or at least tell people that you have changed your mind!”

So, for a while, Self and I discussed this business of feeling overwhelmed by so many things  (like 3 sets of artists’ books, a small exhibition, a couple of writing projects…) and between us, we ironed-out a few wrinkles (bugger! I’ve just remembered I need to iron a shirt for tonight!) and I have decided, with self-help, that I will stick with this blogging lark. I just may have to keep my posts sparse til the dust settles on other projects.

So…I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, this is a taste of what I’ll be up to tomorrow. Some young Japanese students are visiting from our sister city, Matsuura, and I’ll be at school, making paper kites.

Oh! And here’s a scrappy little sketch of the “Young Endeavour” which was “parked” in front of My Man’s office one freezing morning.

And a slightly better photo of her, 8 hours later.Still freezing!

Thank you to those of you who are still with me.

Update…Helen’s comment(see below) has prompted me to share the link to the birds.



Or not. And it must be said that I am not, on the whole, a neat person. Not obsessively neat.

I do like some order to things, especially when space is limited. But I am, by nature, an eclectic soul. See what I just did? I took a cue from those waffling interior design writers and said “eclectic.” God! I love that word!

But I am still trying to find things that were re-housed when we did the Big New Desk Clean-Up.

Here’s some of what I found:

a very dusty rental bus

I remember it was very, very hot. I walked across the street to by some cold water. The shop had none!

chubby child on a bike had a propellor on her hat

I drew boring car bits for a while, then listened to a radio interview with some legal eagle who is, apparently, an expert on computer hacking. That side-lined the drawing for an hour!

And then I resorted to memory…

my garden in Italy

Today was the first rain-free day since late last year. Even the dogs were silenced when people fired-up their 4 strokes! Yes, I mowed my meagre grass strip.

The cats had asked for a more purr-sonal banner for their blog. I told them it might take a while. They were not amused. But today …

Pop across and see what you think. And if you think it looks a bit wonky, please remember that I do this stuff free-hand and I do NOT have photo shop for fine-tuning. Anyway, it’s not my blog. Complain to the moggies!

Now…I believe The Man has a wonderfully frosted glass of bubbles for me. Bubbles! Oh, sod the blog!