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Once again, I am sharing a DIY post, this time from Byopia Press

I know some of you who stumble onto this blog will say “nope!” and move on.But I also know that some of you will make one of these cute little books.


Now, something a little different…the other night I went on a speed dating adventure. Yes! Moi, dipping her toe into that water! Imagine! Of course, knowing very little about this, I had to ask Uncle Google to clue me in…

Apparently, each person gets 10 minutes to ask questions about the “date” and then someone rings a bell and we all move along to the next “date.”

Now, there is no way in the world that you would ever see Dinah chatting-up  six different men, ten minutes at a time.NO WAY! But…turn those six men into artist books and Dinah’s in line.

The local gallery, Artspace, hosts these evenings, giving people a chance to see some of their collection. And, this being the Libris Awards year, the featured books were from the current exhibition. Gallery volunteers took us through each of the six books and, while I was less than impressed with some books, it was a good opportunity to see them “up close and personal.” Good, too, to hear differing opinions and gain new insights. Maybe you’d like a gallery in your town to run a similar evening? They can contact Artspace at the link and find out how.


Things are a little confused and crazy right now…we at Chez Dinahmow have been connected to Broadband, which is tickety-boo on this platform.But we have lost the landline telephone, our only contact with some people, which is making some things awkward.

But La Cave is stocked and we have jelli-meat on the feline shopping list so I guess we’re good.

I suppose you want to see a pitcha? Image result for pitcher

not the pitcha you had in mind? Here’s a pitcher of Sangria.  (found on Google images)

Image result for pitcher of sangria






Because  many of my photographs were waaay below par, I will give you this link to a PDF of the finalists.This also includes artist statements, which I could not accurately photograph without a tripod.

This year’s winners:


Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
National Artists’ Book Award (acquisitive) $7,000

Clyde MCGILL Witness 2016, etching, letterpress, gold leaf, ink and graphite on BFK 270gsm, edition 3/6, 39 x 46 x 3 cm.
Click here to view  work

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
Altered Book Award (acquisitive) $3,000

Michelle VINE Contested Biography I (quadrat) 2017, cyanotype on altered book, stitched, 138 x 216 cm.
Click here to view  work

Mackay Regional Council
Regional Artists’ Book Award (non-acquisitive) $2,500

Jamian STAYT  Tagged 2018, photography, vintage library card, cardboard and cloth on paper, 111 x 68 cm.
Click here to view  work

Artspace Mackay Foundation
Tertiary Artists’ Book Award (non-acquisitive) $2,000

Jenna LEE A plant in the wrong place 2016, copper plate etching, image transfer, 16.5 x 13 cm.
Click here to view  work

Exhibition dates – Saturday 26 May – Sunday 19 August 2018
For all general enquiries contact :

Quite a few of the entries were  big. When I say “big” I mean greater than 50cms in one direction.Remember, these are artist books, not Monet-style paintings!

And some were, reflecting their intentions, small.

I have been down to Artspace twice to see the exhibition, the second time I had a gloved assistant to turn pages, hold items in better light. And next week I shall be going to a discussion on some of the entries from this year’s show. But for now, please see the catalogue for more detail.


In other, quite unconnected news…we seem to have acquired another cat. Well, a part-time cat! This youngster lives next door, but is waiting on the doormat when I get up. And he’s in and out most of the day. Come lunchtime, when The Man and I want to eat lunch outside, we have to evict Sporran and her ginger friend from OUR chairs.

IMG_0562.JPGSporran (black) is “modifying a cardboard egg box. Mr Ginger has found a cockatoo feather. When she was much younger, Sporran had a “thing” for shed feathers and brought quite a few home from her jungle (garden) expeditions.We keep them in a pewter mug , on the kitchen counter.Mr Ginger was pretty quick to learn this and now helps himself to a feather when he feels like playing. At least that’s less destructive than swinging on  curtains!


Now, being careful not to mention “galloping clocks” and causing Scarlet further confusion, I shall take my leave of you and proceed forthwith to the purveyor of pussy fare.







Well, at least now those  who were disturbed by the over-embiggifications on their side bars when I re-blogged posts can now see /\ up there, the giant Japanese Sunflower. Those who insist on Latin  names  can find it under Tithonia diversifolia.

IMG_0528 (640x480).jpgOr consult your local Weed Police list!

This is supposed to be our dry season, but we’ve been having a few showers.So some of the plants don’t know which page they’re supposed to be on! Here’s a grevillea which wasn’t sure whether to grow or flower or wither away.It rained and the grevillea decided to grow AND flower.


Grevillea, with rain drops.

Something else that has smartened itself up this year is this one. Dependent on long, dark nights, it’s always been somewhat confused, with a street light above it!IMG_0527.JPG

Euphorbia leucocephala. Sometime called snowflake bush. Yes, even by people here!

I have several things grown from cuttings.This one used to be known as a Justicia but seems now to be Odontonema cuspidatum. This one looks pretty much as it should.But it’s one of the plants that is prone to fasciation.IMG_0530

Above, mostly normal.

Below, distinctly weird!

Image may contain: flower, plant and outdoor


I’ve had a day of appointments and will you just look at that galloping clock! Good gravy! I’ll miss Happy Hour if I don’t scoot…

I may be back in a day or so with some artists’ books.Maybe…




Review: The Brisbane Plant Collector’s Fair, 26-27.5.18

I have shamelessly and greedily re-blogged this from Jerry’s place. It makes me want to fire-up a big chain saw and make some room here! 


Jerry Coleby-Williams

Isn't it nice not to have to wade through a sea of sameness? Isn’t it nice not to have to wade through a sea of sameness?

One of the gardening events Brisbane lacked until the Plant Collector’s Fair started in 2016, was a show dedicated to the enthusiast.

 A place where not only can you get a jammy mouth plant, but its golden-flowered form too. Thank goodness we have this show now – pass the napkins!

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THE POSTMAN DELIVERED A LETTER…update and explainer.

…and I shall tell you about it later.Perhaps tomorrow…

And now it IS that tomorrow.

You all know me as “Dinahmow.” But I have an alter ego! I am the Aunt Clementine of Taramind, who owns “The Onion Gallery.”

Some of you may not be familiar with her or her gallery, but she is a very clever and astute person in the art world. A mover and shaker, I believe.

And my letter was from dear Tara. I had sent her a newspaper article about her Uncle Henry whose current work is being shown next summer  in Bristol.



She has had some hassles recently, with a strange person wanting to have work shown at the gallery. This “artist” is, obviously, not represented by an agent! But she seems undeterred. I think she lives in a village called Mogwash so there probably is no great call for galleries and agents…

Anyway, here are some photos of her “art.”IMG_0522.JPG


I do know someone locally who is very highly qualified to give advice.I shall write to Tara this evening and give her Ms. Labonne’s address. She may have some suggestions.


I’ll leave you with a spider. No, don’t run away! It’s a dear little spider…honest.IMG_0515

One of the cute little “crab” spiders, here on The Man’s finger. The best I could do as the camera batteries were dying.




Yesterday, my car was in the shop for some work so I walked around to a friend’s place and we went for a drive, up the coast and I had the luxury of being a passenger.

The day was perfect; sunshine, blue sky, sparkling ocean, lots of laughter.

We stopped for coffee in the garden area at The Organic Store  and I bought one of the African baskets I’ve been wanting for ages. I may go back and get a second, bigger one…


We stopped for a while to exercise our cameras. Well, you can’t go to a beautiful beach and not record the event! This is Seaforth, looking NW…IMG_0498

And looking back the other way…


All that fresh, salty air makes a girl hungry! So we drove a little further along the road that leads, via the next bay, to Cape Hillsborough and stopped for lunch at The Old Station Tea House. A beautiful spot, almost in a jungle; last time I was there was high summer and the mosquitoes were  voracious! But yesterday was a perfect winter day. And the resident cat joined us on the old verandah…IMG_0511

I remember my grandmother having a telephone like this! IMG_0510.JPG

And today? The mercury has slipped a few degrees and we have squally showers. Certainly not a day for T-shirting around the beaches!

That’s all, folks! Domestic duties call…