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IF     Scaling The Wall

I have ( I hope!) joined the Illustration Friday project. For this week’s topic “scale” I thought there might be more than one or two fish scales, weigh scales and music scales. And having spent an hour or so scraping wax scale from some plants I was fed up with that scale! I dithered for a while with the Libra scale, that being my place in the zodiac, depending on how you divide it.
But in the end, I called scale a verb and came up with this. It’s a quick sketch in pen, with water colour.

(now to get the **@#! thing loaded correctly…mutter,mutter…)

Scaling the Wall.

2I How many liana?
How many liana?,
originally uploaded by dinahmow.

Tinkering in flickr…thought I’d try this. The link will take you to the original one. A ‘plane ticket could take you to the real one!

A showery morning after some reasonable rain during the night and, so far, no more mudslides from the building site! So it’s a good day to take advantage and dash about tweaking unwanted weeds (some weeds ARE wanted.I eat some of them!) and planting a few pot-bound items.

And somewhere along the way I have some artwork to start,finish, plan…Oh yes! Domestic duties, too…pah! “Dashing away with a smoothing iron, she looked so neat and nimble-o…”

I am resolutely avoiding any Christmassy stuff this early! Not so, the stores around town. Good grief! We had kids “singing” carols outside a butcher’s shop on November 3! By the time the Big Day arrives they’ll all be sated and grumpy. Well, I will be!

Of course, the annual parties have to be booked early and most local restaurants have near-full lists already. The artists’ group I work with will be having the final meeting of the year, combined with a lunch this Sunday; early, yes, but we all have other functions piling up, from office parties to school activities. I daresay this is the case for most people. But must we be bombarded with so much artificiality so early?


Update on Sunbirds

The front stairwell chicks (two) fledged last week and are flitting about on their own. Ma and Pa are once more eyeing the string of small bells over the back stairs and have started tying bits of cobweb in place… At the rate these birds breed you’d expect us to be over-run by Sunbirds! But I guess the attrition rate is pretty high…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

13 thoughts on “HOW MANY LIANA?

  1. The stem twiners are amazing plants. Are there any species that can be grown in a home garden in the tropics?
    As an aside: I’m on dialup and your blog takes a long time to download, but it’s one I like to visit. Could you modify the setup so that only 4 or 5 entries show at a time?


  2. Welcome, Boobook.
    First: I doubt you could ( or would want!) to grow these stranglers at home. I have trouble enough with Tecomanthe hillii and Petrea volubilis, both encroaching on neighbours’ properties! Also, I think the ones in my pic. are specific to that area of streambank.

    Second: I’m sorry about the dial-up delays. There may be a way to make your viewing easier, but it’s beyond me! If any readers can help, feel free to jump in. But don’t be too technical!


  3. Now you need a scanner so you can get awesome images of your drawings and relief prints! (I’ll drag you kicking and screaming into the 21st century if I have to D…)


  4. andrea…drag me! drag me!And I’m slowly moving a scanner up to the top of the wish list.At present, the dentist heads the list!


  5. as long as you’re only eating the weed Dinah and not smoking it!


  6. ziggi… I gave up smoking 30 years ago!


  7. you want a dentist? To keep or just to visit now and then??


  8. I always thought it would be cool to live up in the tangle of a banyan tree. around here, though, we have wisteria sinensis which strangling habit has put me off the whole idea of ‘that which twineth’ so aggressively.

    still waiting for the mail!! 😦
    not your fault…ours, for living near an international boundry.


  9. ziggi again…I mean that payment of dentist heads the list.Of course.

    FN…yes, I’ve got a re-pruning job to do on the wisteria, too.It’s unstoppable.

    Maybe I should have used Postman Pat.Or W.F.Cody. Keep hopin’…


  10. so there I was, wandering about in the mist along the river, minding my own business and I heard someone yoo-hooing me from the bank on the other side

    and I was so chuffed someone had seen me, that I jumped up and down waving my arms in the air as I tried to make out who exactly it was

    boy oh boy! I had started off at the new place in Putney, walked past the old place in Barnes and got all the way to Chiswick before we ended up waving at each other – fancy hopping on a boat back with me a little way? we could grab a cuppa somewhere and have a chat and talk about printing. . .



  11. ILTV…there used to be a super pub near Putney Bridge, that did an excellent counter lunch.Best minestrone outside Italy! I’d meet you there if I could remember the name…(next post I’ll have pics of my birthday book!)


  12. christmas carols nov 3, wow!!!!!!!

    Had fun reading your blog entry today 🙂 and liked the pics.


  13. I couldn’t find a link to post a comment on the Illo Friday Scale picture but I wanted to say I thought it’s really clever and ingenious! Nicely done!


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