A very lazy,uncaring blogger. But I have had one or two other spanners in the works. Hopefully, said spanners now removed and flywheels operating normally.

Around the traps (the blogging world, that is) there has been some discussion of similar laziness.Why do so many of us seem so disenchanted with what, after all, has been our chosen means of expression and intercourse with other writers? Some of us write for a living  (hah! in my case, a few miserable coins.Occasionally.), some of us write as an adjunct to other work, some of us just enjoy the company we find on the platform. But for whatever reason(s) we have not felt the old urge. No, Muriel, not that urge! Muri-  Nurse! 

The long, cold winter? The debilitating heat of summer? No, I think it’s a relentless overburden of what we’ve been told is “news.” It streams at us, endlessly.Repeatedly.And it’s not always nice. In fact, it’s almost always bloody horrible.

The lovely Miss Scarlet has had a similar malaise, but she’s pulled up her brastra    bootstraps and is posting again

The Banished One never really left us. He sometimes says he has nothing to say.He lies. Even when he’s economical with words, he has pictures. Today, he reviews a New York play.

And the lovely Jane is hosting another round-the-blogs flower show. She’d also noted that many had slipped off the carousel of blogging.

There are many others. And many reasons for slipping quietly away (no, Muriel, not you.)

But I’ll try to pop in here , maybe with something worth reading.Maybe not. But I’ll start with some flowers.


A proper, professional bouquet! My Main Man had a spell in hospital and his office staff sent him these gorgeous beauties. The gerberas’ heads were collared and stems wired.Very impressed, I was! And, with a little trimming of stems and fresh water they survived very well.

Sadly, there is little  that is pickable in the garden Chez Dinahmow, this being the edge of what we call winter. But two of the plumeria and several Hibiscus mutabilis have put on a good show.That old stand-by, Dietes always stumps up.


Plumeria (aka frangipani)


Dietes.Grows with all the vigor of a weed.

Michelia figo

Michaelia figo, “port wine magnolia” outside the back gate. It has set seeds this year!

We walked down to the beach the other day.First time we’ve been there since the wretched crocs and jellyfish closed it a few months ago. I had the little camera in my pocket…


Looking south east through the curtain of Casuarina. Those clouds? The remnants of the storms that battered the Brisbane area.


Looking north, across Sunset Bay to Bucasia Beach.


And I’ll close with a Calliandra, also from the beach walk. I think they’re garden escapees, growing beneath coconut palms at the edge of the mangroves.


35 thoughts on “IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? NO – IT’S A BLOGGER!

  1. Oh I love this, from your “proper” arrangement to all the previously unknown by me flowers that grow in your winter.

    You don’t even have to write of you don’t want to, though I’d like you too, but you do have to keep showing us your world.

    Old hat to you, enchanting to us.

    xo J



    • I only show the best bits – Dietes put out runners that need regular tidying and Calliandra shrivels into sticky melted-plastic-like nastiness.So I don’t have it here!Love seeing a full bush on my walks though.


  2. Great to see you here! Now I have to make an equal effort and put a few thoughts into some kind of order. Pleased The Man is okay, hope you’re both well now; and the girls as well. Keep the photos up!


  3. My my my what a coinky-dink? For some time now I have felt as though I reached the end of the online road. The sensation of feeling connected by discovering community and purpose with others on my blog and then facebook has been meticulously watered down by the system/skynet whatever you want to call it.
    What I have long suspected became self evident… that small gaggle of bloggers at the beginning of online time was as good as it was ever going to get, that was it. Sure it got easier and faster on facebook but the system learned from watching and soon I became one of the proverbial boiling frogs, and I didn’t notice how big the pot was or how many frogs there were beside me until it was too late.
    Now a few of the others are starting to notice that they are just spinning in their own wheels. The system bombards us with distractions and 25/7 “news” but we’re not getting anywhere. They overwhelmed us. It worked.


    • Donn, my old blog buddy! You know what I say about coincidence! But I think you’re right about the oldies being seduced/subverted/subsumed by the instant gratification of those quickie social sites.It’s like the fast food that we all know will kill us.The remedy? It’s in our own hands.Are we strong enough in our resolve to leap out of that frog pot? Where would we land?
      Probably too many metaphors here, but at least no 49 character smack-down!


  4. Glad your husband is on the mend…and lovely flowers his colleagues sent!
    As to blogging, it has to fit in to whatever else is going on, but, having given Facebook a go I have to say that I prefer to blog: more time spent on less rather than endless dips into a shallow stream.


    • Yes, Helen, that is it.I dislike Farcebook, but have kept it open as it’s the access for some friends who, due to injury, now find blogging difficult.
      But I do prefer the blog platform.Provided people have something worth reading!


  5. Hey! Don’t call yourself names! That’s why you have us. We’ll do it for you when we feel it’s warranted.

    Thanks for the shout-out. It feels like a red wrapped box on Christmas morning. And you still remember my old nom de plume! Nice.


    • Aww! You are among the best of bloggers.You don’t hit the button on any old drivel just to get a post out.And I consider you my personal NY theatre guide.


  6. I always think of blogging as a fun hobby, not an obligation. The best part is meeting all sorts of interesting people from around the world that one would never otherwise know.

    I really like Plumeria. Had two Plumeria trees when I lived on Maui.


    • Welcome to the funny farm! Yes, you’re another who’s survived on the blogging sea.It is fun and many of us have made friends, in both worlds, through this strange device.
      We learn so much – I didn’t know you’d lived on Maui!


  7. Yes, a bit of the blog malaise here, too… posting when i need to say something still helps me organize my thoughts and feelings, though, so i’ve been keeping the blog warm – just barely. My frustration is the time i’d like to read and catch up with my blog mates is scattered… if only i could find a way to punch through my reader during boring meetings at work….


    • Oh, honey! If you can figure out that they’ll beat a path to your door!:-)
      I think this “need to say something” is key.I’ve had a lot to deal with, but it wasn’t bloggable stuff.(I hope there’ll be a snippet or three about the wedding?)


  8. Some lovely photos that I missed first time around. I just messed with my WordPress site. Does this comment take you to my site at all?


  9. Thank you Dinahmow, I think I saw you at Scarlet’s kitchen, Lx’s place, Savannah’s, perhaps some moor. And I see Coppens made a comment, ha – there’s still blood in the old man !


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