The work continues. The Man has begun to lay some paving stones.Of course, it’s been Sahara-dry for ages, but now …it’s raining.I’m thrilled, though I doubt the paving will be finished.

And it’s all for the benefit of the gas man! We don’t have mains gas here; we have stonking great tanks which are filled from a tanker and the gas man has to drag his hose up through the back garden to reach the tank. Oh-here’s a picture…IMG_4579

Excuse me while i have a tantrum. Bloody WordPress! First, they change things, then they stop working…and they’ve down-sized the font.grrr

And I know it’s not my eyes deceiving me because I had an eye test two days ago. And my eyes are “very good, considering  your age and the sun damage.”  But they’d much prefer the former font, thankyouverymuch.

Let’s have some calming music, yes? This is from a film.Not a very good film, in my estimation, but this music more than makes up for that I think.

Well, I was aiming for Yo-Yo Ma on cello, but that’s not available here.Apparently.Still, the oboe’s also pretty good.

I was at the Marina the other day and snapped a quick pic of this


It’s a panel, mounted at the top of a gangway, but it’s the only one I could find and there’s no signature. Perhaps there will be more to come…I hope so, cos we could do with more street art.

I’m off to address some serious deficiencies in the wine-and-food department…


    • Thank you.We probably should have done some sort of paving when we built the deck, but sometimes the obvious is, what can I say,slow? The best thing would have been for the builder to have terraced the area, but the builder was not a gardener!


  1. The gas tank at one of the houses in France was conveniently alongside the road…behind a wall at knee height.
    Would the refill bloke put his hose over the wall?
    No. He insisted on parking at the far end of the garden and tramping through the flower beds causing – it seemed to me – as much damage as possible.
    Had we stayed longer i would have replaced the plants with blackthorn.


  2. I made myself a path, only one block wide, planted up to both sides of it, then found the wheelbarrow is too wide. Consequently it crushes whatever is on either side of the path. So I need to dig up flourishing plants and widen the path. All my own fault so I’m feeling like a bit of a jobsworth…
    I posted on my blog today for the first time in nine months! Mostly garden photos of course, because that’s all I do these days.


  3. Oh, synchronicity!! I just had an eye test – all good considering… I’ve been listening to Morricone…. I have no gas, I have oil delivered, AND there is interesting goings on in the garden.
    Loving your header 🙂


    • Oh, good news on the eye test! I have early-stage cataracts, but Natalie blithely said they can wait-we don’t need to do anything for 10 years. Well, daily drops, but no surgery til I’m…um…ten years older. And the header is a lovely bunch of roses that Ali brought when she came over to visit.


  4. Love the street art. Envy the rain.
    And thinking of your jobsworth triggered memories of plumber related garden havoc. And made me grit my teeth.
    And, is your header new? Love, love, love those velvety, sumptous blooms.


    • God forbid I should ever encounter those plumbers! And the young lad next door had to have his car brought home on a tray-truck.The plonkers put the tie-down strap over the steering rod…and bent it.I said “find out who they are and DON’T HIRE THEM!”
      Ali’s husband grows the roses.It’s not a well-balanced picture, but the scent was wonderful.


  5. Yes, fonts are a problem. Especially because one never knows what goes wrong. I chose one and found that it shows no Italics. The next one brings acceptable Italics, but the blanks (in a certain combination of punctuation) are going mad and look terrible), ach it never ends …

    Garden path ? Why not tar it over and find peace of mind ?


  6. My mother chose narrow paths and planted right up to them – then grumbled when the postman wouldn’t deliver to her door when it was wet and left her post with me. I like the paving.

    My eye prescription hasn’t changed, but I need a good light to read by, nowadays, even though I don’t have to have reading glasses. It’s all rather dispiriting.


    • The paving is all-but completed (we need a new cutting wheel to re-shape on block) and then it’s just a matter of tidying the rocks and dirt.
      In NZ and Australia, we have mail boxes at the road front, so the sloshing-through-the-rain is down to us!:-)


    • Yes, it does sound like a sort of back-handed compliment.We get that a lot here!

      The pavers are down to us (dirt cheap discontinued line).But when a silly little boy dragged the gas hose up the drive, across a garden and through the carport where The Man’s cars were….I blew a gasket.


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