Less than 24 hours after her surgery we brought her home. Limping (understandable!) and a bit wobbly, but  “perfectly okay to go outside, whatever the Vet said, so open that door, please.

I clipped a leash on and stayed with her and she had a mooch around the back garden then I brought her back indoors. Well, someone has to get some lunch!

Sporran says she’ll come visiting her blogfriends and say thankyou for the good wishes.

Sporran, ever the daring, climb anything adventurer…

The “how” is, and will probably remain, a mystery. The “when” was some time yesterday morning. The “result” is a broken femur tip. And the “remedy” is arthroplasty. Doctor Vet will probably want to keep her in hospital for the weekend.

In the meantime, her legal aid is filing a compensation claim which, apparently, includes the word “salmon” in several clauses…

Stay tuned, folks…

*Let’s just wait til we’ve seen Doctor Vet’s “claim” shall we?


  1. Oh dear!

    Paddy says will she pass on the name of her lawyer as he’d like to claim for illegal incarceration

    He’s on his 3rd week of cage rest for his fractured pelvis (muliply – he doesn’t do things by halves) with 5 more weeks to go.

    He says he’s explained that he needs to go out and chase pigeons and nobody listens.

    I’d like the name of the lawyer to sue HIM for vet bills!


  2. celia…apparently, she doesn’t have a cast or even bright pink vet-wrap.

    casey…welcome! And I do feel for you, having to confine a pigeon-hunter! And the vet bills -arrgh!


  3. My sincerest sympathies to you and your kitty – mine had a huge adventure this week as well, which was horribly expensive and resulted in surgery but no broken bones – just ingestion of foreign objects. The resulting adventure AFTER I got her home was the nerve-wracking time though!

    Here’s to an uneventful recovery for Sporran post-op….. which my cat didn’t do!


  4. ikaika…welcome and thankyou.

    kate…thankyou and, yes, if the Union come after me for lack of attention or something…I’d better sell some work!


  5. pam… hello! So sorry your pusskin had such a rough time. Sorry for the wallet, too!

    estorbo…hola! Yes, feesh is always the answer. And sharp Cheddar helps, too. I’m thinking of asking Neko and Marzipan to publish a Claim Form for Injured Cats…


  6. Lots and lots of salmon! Fishing season finished here yesterday, but we are sure you should get lots of pink fish. We are still sneezing. Elmo a little better, Pixie quite pathetic.
    We send love, from Jackie and the gingers, and Rosie and the feathers!


  7. gingers…thankyou and the Kitchen Boss has been informed of the need for salmon and says ” Monday night.” She also said that tonight will be chicken and,yes, she will share.
    Big purrs to you, Pixie.


  8. Poor little puss! She’s quite the trouper, though, from my understanding of it all. Let’s hope she’s only down one life at this point.

    Zulu is deeply unimpressed now that we have another Labrador pup, this one permanently for the next 9 or so months.


  9. andrea…yes, she’s a bit sorry but mainly at not being allowed to be too vigorous. I expect Zulu will get the upper paw with the puppy. They always do, don’t they?


  10. Good to hear she’s as well as she is – a bit embarrassing to have that great shaved patch so I hope the others are being kind. I have no doubt she’s getting all the specialised attention she craves.


  11. carol…thankyou. Yes, it’s an “interesting” time,what with trying to keep her from leaping about and trying to keep geiger from leaping onto her. Oh, yes…the hide-the-pill subterfuge is also interesting!


  12. halloween, heer. this mite be a tym when srrdeens (and the bones) mite be a bttrr choice than sammin. it’s unyoozhyual for anyting to be a bttrr choice than sammin, but maybe this is one a them tyms. Mine says– push the calcium.



  13. halloween…hello! Sardines…hmmm that’s a thought.Of course, in these parts, they come from a can, but last night’s fresh salmon was relished by Sporran and Rusty.(Geiger does not eat raw beef or raw salmon! Weird cat!)


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