…somewhat late!

Those of you who have been idling here for long enough might recall that yesterday, October 23, 2006, saw my blog launched, with great fanfare and popping of champagne corks    somewhat tentatively, 5 years ago.

Yes, I have been boring the pants off readers for 5 years! And I did plan to have a small blogiversary give-away for a lucky reader (drawn from names of commenters by a person above any suspicion of cheating. Of course.)

Friends, one or two other things got in the way of that. First, I had some paperwork to tidy-up. And then I was out to lunch, in the nicest possible meaning of the phrase, and my good intentions went pear-shaped.

So…here’s what I’ll do…I’ll let this “lucky draw” run til next Sunday. That will be October 30 on my side of the IDL. But I’ll hold the draw until  the Monday so that all the lovely readers who are a bit behind also have a chance to win.

What’s that? Oh, the thing to be won? Hmmm…let’s see…

“Beyond the Palisades”                                       


Of course, the prints would be shipped unframed, for obvious reasons.

In the 5 years I’ve been blogging I have come to regard many of my readers as friends. I’ve even met some of you! There is, I find, a genuine warmth among bloggers. Well, on the sites I visit, anyway. 🙂

I really did have to think carefully about the “prize.” Not all of my scribblings would have wide appeal so I tried to go “middle of the road.” Which, of course, is a pretty stupid place to put oneself, especially with some of the bloody hoons on our roads! If neither of these pieces is your cup of tea, that’s fine. I shan’t be offended.

But if you fancy hanging one of these on your wall, just leave a comment before  October 30  and I’ll draw 2 names. First name has first pick.

And now, it’s time to don my chef’s hat…

49 thoughts on “BLOGIVERSARY…

  1. Seems like darn close to five years I have been thinking, “I’d love to sit down over coffee with this interesting soul.” Keep it up, my friend – you have entertained and educated me more times than I could count. And since I’m not bored… can I have my pants back now? 😉


  2. Five years is a grand effort! Plenty of marriages are shorter! Yours is one of those truly eclectic real-life blogs that the historians-of-the-future will read.


    • Oh my! I feel incredibly small and goofy alongside you. But I have, I think, picked up some valuable tips from you and I am further “Deep(ly)” inspired each time I walk down the hall. 😉 Thankyou for visiting, Sherrie. Coffee with you would be good, too! 🙂


  3. I heard some statistics last week concerning how many blogs are started daily, how many last a few months and how many last a full year. Those with stick-to-it-ive-ness are a miniscule percentage, so congrats to you. my friend. (And I did remember your birthday yesterday, except (a) I didn’t go near my computer and (b) I remembered that it WASN’T your birthday on that side of the Int’l date Line anymore. Hope it was happy anyway.)


    • I wonder, sometimes, at the fine line between “stickability” and “stodge.” I think if I ever get stodgy I’ll know by the empty comments box!
      And thankyou for the happy wishes.


      • I WISH I could count myself among the plucky few who didn’t make the mass migration to Farcebook. Good for you two (you and Andrea).


  4. congratuations! as a 3 year blogger, with serious commitment issues, i’m impressed that you’ve hit the 5 year mark — and even more impressed that you’re having a give away! grand idea!


  5. I’ve been missing in action for a few weeks…you’re certainly a much more prolific blogger than I am! I like your new banner, by the way. At least it’s new to me. I had no idea you’ve been blogging so long. That’s a serious mile stone! I would love to win one of your prints. I think I’m understanding correctly that a comment left any time before the 30th is eligible. I hope I have that right. Keep on blogging!


    • Thankyou, Nancy. I may be “prolific” but I can’t hope to match you for glorious travel posts!

      And yes, your name will go into the hat. Should you win I’ll feel some trepidation, since you are another printmaker.Professional to boot!


  6. Happy blogiversary ANd birthday, Dinah! Five years is one helluva good run. I’ve been in bloggerland for three years now, although I’m on my second blog, the first one having two lives. (The first was deleted in a fit of emotional catastrophe.) I’ve taken a bit of a cruise through yours, this being my first visit here. You are now on my blog roll! 🙂


    • Welcome back! Yes, you’ve been here before, in my early days, probably via Andrea, Donn or Ziggi. I did do a pretty severe
      “cull” before I went travelling a while back so that the office computer was not jammed and I guess you were one I let go. For the record, you’re in my jealous list ( along with Daisyfae for scuba diving) for hot air ballooning. 🙂


      • Goes to show you how rotten my memory is these days! And for the record, I have been scuba diving as well, so does that mean I am on your jealous list twice?!? 😉


  7. Congratulations, Di, there’s always something entertaining, thought provoking or downright hilarious on your blog. I’m one of the lucky ones to meet you, and you’re a constant source of encouragement to me. I hope we’re all still here to celebrate the 10 year milestone.

    Oh, I’ve blogged. About iPhoneography again. The yuppy toy strikes again!


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