It’s been a strange few weeks Chez Dinahmow…  I’m still processing photos and memories from my recent trips. And trying to catch up with all the things I just left un-done.

And then… The Man had a week in Auckland to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday.


I would have liked to be there, too, but we couldn’t get a house/cat sitter.*

And while he was there, all manner of family memorabilia came to the top. There’s nothing like moving house  to have a really productive chucking-out of junk, right? And one of his brothers has done just that.Some old photos made their way into the portmanteau.

From our former home,1989. This flood closed roads for several days, though it doesn’t seem much in this picture. But certainly enough for me to do my Gene Kelly act! (In great big gumboots, yet!)

3-Tamborine  April25 1989

No, he was NOT wearing a wig! Can’t remember the occasion, but possibly a party!

2-Tamborine  late 90s

This I do remember. The year we both notched up the half-century. 

1-Dinah and Peter 1995 Dargaville

And I took this in 1981, a few weeks before we moved to live in Australia. The gate on the left leads to his family farm.That mountain in the background is Titiraupenga

Sandell Road 1981

And back to 2013…Among the many things that need to be done is arranging to have six  trees removed. Do you have any idea how sad that makes me feel? Six trees! All now far too tall for our small garden and two of them a threat to fences. So I’ve had some quotes and the job is slated for October 23. 

Ringing any bells? No? Well, it’s the blogiversary.  Perhaps I could offer some murdered trees…Well, I’d better think of something, hadn’t I?

Here’s a picture of the one I think I’ll miss the most. A lovely Casuarina. I’m going to miss the sound of soughing. And the opportunity to use the word “sough.”


* Geiger was diagnosed with diabetes while I was in Europe, so we didn’t want to put them in a cattery and our neighbour who usually feeds them was away. The cats have something to say about it, of course!


  1. Thanks for sharing the trip down memory lane! Most interesting.

    The trees would make me sad too. It’s the right thing to do, but I know it will still feel awful. Six! Very awful. I hope Geiger is doing better? Of course you couldn’t leave her! The cats always have to come first. Always. The girls wouldn’t have it any other way.


    • Yes, tree removal is not an easy thing.Of course, I let them go for too long, so it’s all my own fault.
      Geiger is fine. But I’m taking Sporran to the vet tomorrow as she has a problem.


    • Thank you. The garden is in a rather “boring” stage at present. The hippeastrums have almost finished and it’s still too dry for much else to flower. The photos were quite a surprise (there are more, but not for publication!); I’d forgotten them.


    • Well, I’m, a size bigger! But it’s sweet of you to say that. And, yes, of course I’ll be planting things. Still undecided, but I have some ideas…
      Mary looks quite good in photos, but she is frail.


  2. Great photos. A bit of nostalgia is fun from time to time. While I was unemployed earlier this year, one of my projects was scanning some old photos and I loved doing it.

    You look a good deal more cheerful about reaching your half century than your man does.


  3. LOVED the photo-flashback! Especially like that Gene Kelley/Glamour Girl shot! Fabulous! And happy b-day to the Momma! Mine just hit 85, and is in increasingly worse shape… hard to hear her cough, knowing that the congestive heart failure will eventually conquer.

    Hoping Geiger is adjusting to his new body chemistry – and that Sporran is only dealing with a temporary setback. They are family…


    • Not sure the old Tshirt and gumboots equate to glam, but I do get a bit carried away in the rain….
      Mother is sure she’s not 90.She thinks she’s 51! Youngest Son (56) says he remembers being that age…:-)


  4. What gorgeous photos – you are a good looking pair.
    It’s a shame about the trees but we all need light and air and sometimes the trees just have to go.


    • Mother is, I think, about average for that age.Some days better than others.
      And, yes, I’ll fill the gaps when these trees come down. Unfortunately, I am rather enamoured of VERY BIG TREES, so will need to exercise restraint.:-)


  5. I love that you shared photos that are a blast from the past! I hate to admit it but my photos that would be considered blast from the past are all tucked away and stacked in boxes. At least I have them but they really should be in a much more orderly / findable set of albums.


    • I don’t have wellies these days, which is sad. I’ve seen some with lovely patterns in bright colours, but now that I don’t have 10 acres wellies are not part of my wardrobe. And the rubber perishes in this climate!
      As for “good” photos…I’m not posting any of the really ghastly ones! 🙂


  6. Interesting walk down memory lane. We really must meet sometime Di – I haven’t been picturing you as a blonde!! Hope the girls are going ok now? Do you have to inject Geiger? My mother had to learn to inject her Basenji twice daily when she was in her mid-80s (my mother, I mean). I thought it was quite an impressive trick for an old dog to learn, but I’m a bit squeamish about these things.


    • Hello, Amanda! I see you popping up here and there and assume you’re feeling better?
      No, Geiger is not on needles;hoping the diet will keep her steady.So far, so good.
      I had a Basenji X once. Sadly, X was a barking gene!
      And we will meet one day. I’m hoping to get to Brisbane next year…If gardening doesn’t bankrupt me. 🙂


    • Hilke, so sorry I didn’t get to this earlier. It’s lovely to hear from you, especially as you must have your hands full.I hope you’re all settling in to the new life? Not to mention strange accents! 🙂


  7. Lovely photos – funny what pleasure there is in looking at old photos, even other people’s. Sorry about the trees, that’s quite a loss. But replanting something that will be far more suitable will be fun, I hope.


    • Hello, Z. Yes, old pics can take us on the memory trail. These are just
      recent” ones. The really old ones go back 60+ years and will need some cleaning! Meanwhile…I’m moving potted plants to safety and crossing my fingers for other things that I can’t move. Suspect the credit card might come to the rescue! 🙂


  8. Where have I been to miss this? I love the photos, you and the Man look great. Such a shame about the trees, sad to lose them but it will give you a chance to find good replacements. Hope Sporran is okay, Geiger is probably giving advice.


    • Carol, you’ve been whizzing up and down to the shop, I think!
      Well, we certainly have more light now that the trees are gone. Night light – the streetlight shines in the bedroom and the back neighbour’s porch lights shine through the laundry!
      Cats? Sporran goes back for one more shot next week. All seems Ok…


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