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Oops! I inadvertantly typed an L in there. I am not black. I am varying shades of pink, with a light spotting of paint-chart-mocha.

Waddyamean, you didn’t even miss me?

Oh well, let’s not quibble.Here’s little mystery pic for you.IMG_1540

You know how it works – leave your answer in the comments. Sorry, no prizes.It’s been a taxing time Chez Dinahmow!

I have been and, indeed, am still a trifle busy.Busy lugging hoses around gardens. Up here, we are still waiting for the wet season.Yesterday, Brisbane was hit with the worst storm in (“they” say) a decade.Rather a lot of zeros and commas in the damages bill.

And I’m , a-hem, helping my friend’s class to make a puppet for their carols night. A rather large carried-on-sticks puppet.Of a brolga. Oh dear! I seem to have done my usual thing and jumped in without actually considering the depth. So if I dash off leaving you with a short post you will understand that I need to get another layer on the armature…

IMG_1549The grocer had some marked-down Phalaenopsis on a stand.Couldn’t resist, could I!  They’re indoors for the moment, as a welcome-home for The Man, due back tonight.Tomorrow, the orchids will be moved to the ferny corner, with their kin.

That’s not the picture I intended, but the sharper focused one shows too much clutter and I wouldn’t want you to think I was an untidy slob!

On a sad note…most of you know that I have been to New York twice to be a cat sitter to a most remarkable cat, Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana. A cat of great charm and huge personality, he left all of us who loved him with some wonderful memories. And a vastly enriched vocabulary of bastard Spanish. Bless you, Storbie.on patrol



Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

22 thoughts on “I’M BACK!

  1. I hope your brolganic efforts are suitably rewarded. And would like to see a photo. Please.
    The mystery photo is nagging at what is left of my brain. Perhaps if I carefully don’t think about it, it will come to me.


  2. Nice to read you again. I guess something in bud, waiting to bloom.


  3. Somewhat jaundiced after a day in San Jose which coincided with Black Friday – of whose existence I had, up till then, been happily unaware – I saw the mystery photograph and thought…something is mutating and it’s not me.


  4. I knew you’d be back sooner or later. I never delete a URL that I’m sure is just in a coma.

    Show us your clutter. We’ve showed you ours. Welcome back.


  5. Welcome back! Black or pink, it’s nice to have your voice again. I don’t know the plants you grow over there, so I’m sure I can’t really guess, but the photo looks to me like pussywillows.


    • Nancy! I almost missed this as you went into the moderation folder! I’ve been drooling over your Crete adventures (must get back to the Med!) and here you are, home again! If I could grow pussy willow here I’d be over the moon, but it’s not that.


  6. Oh sad about the cat! The photo looks like some sort of evil medical condition to me – spent too much time on NHS patient website recently!


    • Mig! Lovely to see you again. The picture is not an evil medical condition (but a friend who had such an ailment did have some pretty gruesome pictures of his affliction.Don’t ask!)
      I hope you’re walking again? If it’s your right foot that’s a bit of a bugger’s muddle for a driver!


  7. The photo looks like something botanical, either seed pods or maybe a root system. Don Estorbo is missed, even though I only read about his adventures and never met him in real life.


    • Welcome , Martina, and thanks for playing.You’re right in the “botanical” part of your guess, but not seeds or roots. And I’m sure Storbie will pop up from time to time.A personality and an ego that big couldn’t stay down!


  8. Something buds….anyway, nice to see you back. The cat had a wonderful title.


  9. Good to see you back! My guess — what we call a “pussy willow” branch…

    The puppet project sounds very similar to the Dia de los Muertos project i’ve taken on. Rather than make the puppet, however, i just have to clean it up and get it mounted in the jeep for a parade. Always more work than i expect when i excitedly say “Sure!


  10. Ah, yes, your co-driver on Mr Jeep! The puppet has morphed again -this time the teacher had another “big person” to help and they and the class managed to make VERY BIG WINGS.I haven’t seen it yet.

    I’m afraid your pussy willow is not the right answer, although I’d love to have some.It doesn’t like tropical heat!

    Storbie was a character. And Marie gave him exactly the right voice.


  11. I’m glad to read another eulogy. There cannot be enough. Xo $


  12. Giant brolga sounds interesting. Do you normally go to the carols do? Can’t really focus on your mystery pic, I’m a bit migrainy but it looks vaguely evil. I’m very sorry about Estorbo, I don’t think his fans will forget him. You’re right, Maria gave him the perfect voice and it will always resound in my thoughts. Nice to see you back!


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