And I thought I should mention that, as the Wizard of WordPress seems not to like showing the date. Probably embarrassed that I show up here so infrequently!

But we are still busy Chez Dinahmow. I’d really like to be in the garden, but a) it’s far too hot and dry and b) there is no garden.(See a) )

I’m managing to keep things alive in pots and will re-pot some into even bigger pots and plant them out in autumn.

What’s that? Oh! you want to see photographic proof?

Well, I did manage to scrabble together a few pictures for the show over here. And I kept a few in reserve, in case I carved out some time on this page. I must thank Mr. Device for his wizardry in the presentation of the Triffids. Scared the pants of Muriel, he did. No, Muriel we don’t need proo___________MURIEL!

Let’s start with a warning…if you live in an area with cane toads (Buffo marinus) please remember that they are poisonous and can cause nasty reactions in humans and can kill cats and dogs if eaten. Even being squirted in the face with their poison is serious.

A few years ago, some people noticed that crows had figured a way to avoid being poisoned. The toad’s poison sacs are on the back of its head and the crows reasoned that by simply flipping toady onto its back they could get to the soft belly safely. This one was on the front lawn after a crow (I presume) had killed it.

It’s OK to come back now. I’m moving on to pretty things!

Just as we were leaving our former home, this Strelitzia nicolai was in bud for the first time! I see potted plants in the stores, but the price is a bit steep, especially as they take years to flower. But I was chatting with the neighbour next door to the old house and damn! there was a second plant, flinging blooms over the fence. She handed me her secateurs and said “Cut it.” When freshly open, those white petals really are silvery!

Among some little “treasures” are a salvia, which doesn’t have a varietal tag, but I do know the family, S. greggii, and I like the colour.

It’s almost Happy Hour so one more plant… This is a Yucca and I think Yucca elephantipes. But I’m happy to be corrected if it’s one of the others in the tribe.I did think Y. filamentosa, but the flower is different. Anyway…there was a sliver of moon at 5am the other day so I managed to balance on a box for this…

And one more, a little later…

22 thoughts on “TODAY IS NOVEMBER 4. YES, REALLY.

  1. For a first “stab” at a garden, one could do far worse than these three beauties! As is well documented, we absolutely love salvias – and we have one on our “wish list” that looks very similar to yours: “Pink Pong”. Yucca flowers, as well as being dramatic and gorgeous, are also apparently scented!

    I look forward to seeing how this dead toad-strewn jungle progresses… Jx

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    • Oh! So do I…
      Salvias are among my faves. I Think I probably caught the bug from Moher, who planted S.Bonfire and Lobelia Oxford along our front path. Christ! I’d never do that today!


  2. More triffidery! And a dead toad! With this witchiness you are spoiling us.
    You have heat? Of course you do. Whilst the UK is being turned to mud you are basking in something called Summer. We can only dream.

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  3. That photograph of the yucca and the moon was a delight.
    Why don’t we have crows here….they would have a plentiful supply of cane toads…..their relative, laughingly called the melodious blackbird – it is neither – takes no interest whatsoever.

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    This is FirstNations, btw.
    I was already blown away by your fantastic shots over at IDV’s place, and here you are with dead cane toads and a blossoming yucca (which smell so lovely once the blossoms open). Your garden is so, so incredible and my envy is everlasting.

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    • Yay! You found your way here.
      I was just wondering, the other day, if we could get that old cultivator of yours going…but maybe a backhoe is more appropriate!
      Bring sh*t, preferably well-aged so there are no weeds in it!


    • Some people here do dreadful things to the toads! They are a serious pest, but encouraging the use of a #5 iron ?
      (They were brought in to eat cane beetles, which were decimating sugar cane crops.Cane toads do not eat the beetles, but they bred like crazy and devoured just about anything else.)
      Hopefully, my next post will have nicer things…


  5. I do not want to be a pest or something, but it is December the humpfandtwenty : How are your culturational activities going ? Is the desert greening ? You already may have another spider / poisonous toad / man eating vampyre thingy on display ? I’m just asking for a friend …

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  6. Oh! Mago…so many things are tumbling around us at present…. Every time I think I have time to write letters and blog, something else tumbles.
    But it’s all fine, really. Just busy tidying various things. And today some friends are coming to lunch; we decided to skip going to a cafe as not all of us have had booster shots.
    But there will be a blog VERY SOON.


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