I make no apologies for my absence from here. Suffice to say, moving house is not really recommended when you reach a “certain age.”

Apart from the body parts not always moving like a well-oiled machine, some of us STILL seem to accumulate stuff we no longer need.

So, down-sizing, whilst highly commendable, is bloody difficult. You get clothes packed into suit cases, books packed into boxes, the bigger kitchen utensils packed likewise, flower pots and cuttings assembled in a shady place for later transportation and you very wisely get the heavy-duty pros to shift the whole lot.

Nice theory! So how come the “spare” bedroom is still piled high with things?

Ah, well, I daresay places will be found for them. I must say I’m loving my new drawers! (No, Muriel, not the new knickers…). The kitchen has wonderful deep drawers with, oh joy! even more wonderful easy-glide hinges.

Did I mention that we are not far from the beach? Hmm…would have been closer, but new building approvals have seen some “new people” restrict others’ access. Ah,well, the walk will be lovely in cooler weather.

We had some drama over having the telephone transferred. Finally, after TWO HOURS on the ‘phone, being switched through THREE states and assigned a new number I was told I could expect it to be completed in 2 to 3 days. Guess what? No one could get through on the new number!Why? Our old number had been transferred. I may have said some cuss words…

Anyway, here we are, loving our new place.

Of course, Sporran was not allowed to roam alone and for the first few days tolerated a harness-and-leash outings. She seems fine with the new place and comes home when called (if she’s ready!)

Let’s play a guessing game! I’ll put a picture up and you guess what it is. What? You want a prize? Dream on, Sunshine!

Here’s a snap of some plants, still sheltering in the front entryway…with temperatures into the 30s I’m not going to risk planting much until autumn!

There are two trees in the back yard which I think are a native known as riberry . I doubt the birds will leave enough for jam! That’s OK- it’s far too hot to slave over bubbling pots of jam!

One more small amusement before I do something about lunch…

This is not our house; we have cleared all our gutters, lest we end up with a similar nightmare.


    • Snap! We have a winner! Yes, it is a tank…water is collected from the patio roof and, HUGE plus, piped into two toilets, the cold tap in the laundry (washing machine only) and one garden tap. All the units in this street seem to have the same arrangement. At a guess, I’d say that tank is around 1500 gallons capacity. There is also a mains water garden tap, but I doubt I’ll ever need that.


  1. No!!! Just switched to several different Telstra “team members” ;the final one was in West Australia-closer to Capetown !
    The ferns in some of the gutters do look attractive, but I’d be concerned storm water would eventually backwash into the soffits.


  2. As far as I’m concerned, moving house is not recommended at any age! Good luck in repositioning/re-homing/getting rid of the spare room “things”.

    Do I spy a batflower or two (well, leaves, not flowers) amongst your sheltering plants?


    • Thank you. And yes, you did indeed spy the poor old bat plant (with a coupe of scorched leaves!) It NEEDS splitting and re-potting and I’m kidding myself I’ll do it next time it rains. But my immediate garden task is to prep an area of the front yard for more Indigo plants.A different variety this time.

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  3. I would love to have a water rain catchment tank like that! I’ve been meaning to get one for years. They are not common around here yet, but it is slowly changing. We have always famously had an abundance of rain in the Pacific Northwest, but even the dumbest among us can see that the times are changing. We haven’t had a good snowpack on the mountains for years! It doesn’t matter how much it rains. We need the snowpack to recharge the natural aquifers that so many communities draw their water from. (William Shatner thought our rainwater should be trucked to California a few years back, but William Shatner can kiss my ass.)

    I can’t wait to see how your yard comes along in the next few months and what you’ve got to offer us for the Garden Party!

    Welcome to your new home!

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    • When we built our first house (1985, I think) we were told a 2,000gal. tank was sufficient for two people.Our second year in we added another 2,000 gal. Then a 6, then another 2…The local Council (in that district) now requires all new builds to install MINIMUM 10,000gal and to put in envirocycle waste systems.

      I’ll certainly have something to offer when our inexplicable friend calls for contriubutions…maybe a gutter festooned with ferns? In the garden dept. this morning I saw potted Blechnums at $25.00.

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