Some of you may have forgotten.
Others may have thought I’d forgotten.
And that’s understandable because I have been pretty slack.Or otherwise occupied.
Some of you have remembered.And have reminded me!

But for those who had forgotten about the effigy dolls … Cynthia decided to “do something” with a ceramic piece she had made and came up with “Larry,” who absorbs all her negative angst and recharges her positive vibes. Jafabrit made a very sassy cloth doll which serves the same purpose and Heather managed to complete her stunning effort before I’d even got to Bernina shop!

And, somewhere a few posts back, I grovelled for “more time” as my machine was being mended. (I did, in fact, make a small fetish from garden stuff, but it fell apart before I got around to doing the Cecil Beaton thing. Slack, y’see…)

Well, can’t use that lame excuse now so I’m working on my doll. Here it is at the pre-stuffing stage.

Next picture when it’s finished,yes? Although the wicked side of me is tempted to draw chalk lines around it and get some of that “police do not enter” tape!


And because I really must get on with it (and a squillion other tasks!)…here are a couple of art-related links .

And if I had to mark Third Form essays with so many “ands” I’d send them back for re-writes!

6 thoughts on “BODY PARTS

  1. i am SO not understanding the fetish doll thing, and not just because i run no porn filter on my internet searches

    ok that probably has something to do with it. still.

    if i had your garden i would never go indoors ever.


  2. I didn’t forget LOL! I enjoyed your post 🙂 and look forward to your finished doll.

    wow some of that body art was amazing and I loved the claymation video.

    Pity about your nature doll 😦 love the concept.



  3. I used to make rag dolls and xmas tree fairies – yours looks delicious!

    she also reminds me of that paper cut out by Matisse (maybe that’s the background colour too)

    oh, by the by – you’ve been tagged

    see chez moi for details!



  4. FN… not into fetish stuff myself;I just like what modern westerners call “primitive.”

    jafabrit…things break down pretty quickly in the tropics, especially in rain! And I wish I had some body art like that!My neighbour paints kids’ faces at parties…wonder if she could do this?

    ziggi…I could send you the pattern! This one is small; the torso’s about 8″ and the finished piece is seated.I’ll photograph it with some scale

    ILTV…that’s funny cos as I was tracing the pieces I kept thinking of Chagall’s “floating” people.
    Tagged, huh? OK

    Cynthia…yes, I’m totally unreliable!But I can see throough the windows!!


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