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I may have mentioned, in passing, once or twice…that I’ve been busy, yes?

Well, here is some proof of my busy-ness. Yesterday, we hung a show of collected prints (various media) by some of the members of Printbank. From time to time our friends give us carte blanche on the walls of their cafe. This time, we’ve elected to print works 12×12 cms and showcase them, literally, in clear plastic CD cases.

Getting “good” photos in a cafe full of people, and with neon lights and sun glare is not easy, but here are a few. (No artist names as some mind their names being blogged.Art is OK!)






It’s too bad you can’t all see these prints “in real life” as we do have some quite stunning work. Over 100 !

Edited to add: more on Flickr


Moving away from art to… I’m really not sure what. When I heard it on the news I laughed (oh, be honest, Dinah – you spluttered and guffawed) and was not sure whether it was funny, serious, really serious or downright bloody ridiculous.

Seems that Mrs  MI 6 (who would, once upon a time, have been referred to as Mrs X, wife of  xxx ) has posted a photo of her husband on Facebook. OH! Shock! Horror! (insert image of Gordon Brown having apoplectic fit). The head of Britain’s secret agents being seen by anyone who reads Facebook. In swimming shorts yet!

But wait!

There’s more!

Wifey also posted their address.

What flashed up in my mind, like a  neon sign on the motorway was, well, more of a flash-back

Music, please…nice, daramatic chords in a major key…thankyou. The Cold War. Spies, skulking about in trench coats, Fedoras pulled low, collars turned up. Leaning (nonchalantly, of course) against the Punch n Judy stand in the park. Slipping  microfilm to another man-in-a-trench-coat. Walking briskly in opposite directions.

Look at the money Hollywood made back then! Where would Sean Connery be if we hadn’t needed Commander Bond to feed our egos?  Oskar Homolka? George Kennedy?

I mean, if Facebook had been around 45-50 years ago, those chaps could have stayed home, posted stuff on Facebook, then settled down to watch Bill Cosby  defeat them dang Ruskies on “Spy Versus Spy.”


I’m off now to turn on the tv news and find out who’s on Facebook today…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

12 thoughts on “SMALL ART – BIG IMPACT

  1. Your stories are great, you write so captively/captiving/, what’s the word?!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this one(and the previous, with you running off to WIkipedia!)
    Love the exhibit too, only wish you showed more. and what a great idea to show them off in CD cases- I’m going to remember that one!


  2. A great idea

    and one I may pinch at some future date! :>)


  3. ronell…thankyou. And I may put some other pics on Flickr…when I find time;-)

    vivien…yes, it is a nifty idea, but not really mine. Not sure where it originated, but a small gallery in Townsville shows work like this and I’ve seen several examples of art-in-CD-cases.
    (Held up with Blu-Tak, if people want to know!)


  4. I really love the second print (third photo) of the trees and the sunlight


    must go to flckr and look at some of the others!



  5. What a brilliant idea! How do you hang the CD cases on the wall? The minute I read that I pulled out a couple that I had sitting beside me to take a closer look. Wondering who I can talk to about doing soemthing similar here…


  6. PS Greg’s grandmother’s birthday is today. 99! Can you believe it? (Just had to add that….)


  7. andrea…we use Blu-Tak, but I was probably editing that bit as you were commenting! Not the first time we’ve crossed our wires!
    And Happy Birthday to the lady.


  8. I love the framed (in cd cases!!) show. Must go to flickr and see the rest.

    Like Andrea above, I wish I could find someone to organize such a show in my area. (Notice that I want someone else to do it.)

    Take care,


  9. kim…(and anyone else) if you know any artists just ask if they’d be interested. As to a venue, well, again, asking might turn up something. Local library, storefront…

    (Oh! A stack of CD cases is an excellent scattercat toy!)


  10. Very innovative, and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a better use of a CD case before!


  11. cynthia…thankyou. It seems cafe patrons are most intrigued, too.


  12. I wonder if Mrs X isn’t a bubble-headed bleached and formidably implanted “trophy-wife” that the Director recently acquired to accompany him in his shiny new bright red sportscar?

    One would assume that the real Mrs X would have played the role during her husband’s ascent and that she would know the ropes.


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