Well, it can be.

Many people in this sometimes crazy world of blogs meet each other, form lasting friendships, share more than cyber-words.

One of my first blog readers was the irrepressible Ziggi, who blogs from far-off (from me) England.

Ziggi and I may never meet (but we are leaning on our significant others to orchestrate this!), but last week I did meet her elder daughter who is kicking up her post-grad heels with two friends before settling to working for a living.

On their way to the tropical playground that is (sort of!) my backyard, the girls stopped here for a night.

Long of fang that I am, I felt so envious of their trip, highly-flavoured with tsunami alerts (Fiji), missed flights (New Zealand), deliciously dangerous sky dives and rapid-rafting (yes, NZ again), all laced with, possibly, more alcohol than I could cope with. Maybe not!

It’s not that I didn’t get up to some pretty daft shenanigans when I was younger (c’mon! we all think we’re bomb-proof at 20!). But these days, there seem so many more opportunities.

The actual travelling bit, for instance. Back in “ye olden days” we bussed, sailed 6 bunk, lower deck on liners, bummed lifts with kids who had cars or hitch-hiked.

But Kirsty,Jess and Lucie have hired  a ratty old VW campervan.

Preparing to head north.

We had a couple of hours on Friday morning so I took them to my local beach…


And up to the “pub with the million-dollar-view”

Note to  Ziggi: I did tell them it was quite a long drop onto some nasty rocks…


After a light lunch, I waved them goodbye as they headed for Airlie Beach, that Whitsunday youth magnet. I hope I meet them again some day.

Oh, yes! They were tickled pink to be asked for ID at my local liquor outlet. Why was I not asked to prove I am over 18?

There may be another “break in transmission” as I get back into the print studio. But I’ll be around to read what all you others are up to!


  1. Yes, whenever I am in the kind of mood that has me questioning the wisdom of all this technology, this sort of story assures me that it can be used for good, rather than evil.


  2. What a good friend you are to your blogging mates. How nice to see that the spirit of adventure lives on – I’m sure the girls will have a wonderful time in Qld and on the rest of their trip.


  3. I never did the travelling thing in my twenties… and when I finally did get round to going somewhere in my thirties, I took a comfy cruise ship to the North Pole.
    I am ashamed to say that I’ve not really been touched by the wunderlust dust.
    Love that campervan though… it wouldn’t look out of place in Bude… meaning I’d only have to drive it 15 miles west!


  4. Carol…well, I’m meeting la creme, right? And fun is what they’ve set out to have. Yay!

    Scarlet…how odd – I thought you’d have had a fairly cosmopolitan past. And if you saw the grafitti in that van I’m sure your pen would write some pithy wit! 🙂


  5. Di, you are indeed a friend 🙂 also I must add they were very impressed to be fed vegetables – a food group they had forgotten existed.
    Thanks again!


    • ziggi/linda…they are very good eaters. Even of my fare, bless them! They can come back any time.But next time, Kirstty has to bring her mother! 😉


  6. I am inspired. I think I shall begin hitchhiking to New Zealand next week, and call in on the way. I have other friends in Queensland, but none have offered vegetables so far.

    It is encouraging that you have taken in these poor, neglected young ladies and tried to undo the damage that their upbringing has caused.


    • Vicus…shame on you for disparaging their upbringing! They may not be vegetarian, but these girls have impeccable manners. And, should you venture this far south, you, too, will be welcome. I’ve been told my spinach quiche is rather yummy.


  7. Makes me wish I was young again. I think the blogging world saved me from possible suffocation in the lovely but very un laid back France… keep leaning on those significant others of yours girls! see you when I`m back in 2 weeks.


  8. Yay! You’re right, my new comment form finally got your url right so I could click over. And how wonderful to see post, a reminder of the fun it is to meet up with other art bloggers and their families as I’ve had the privilege to do too. Your backyard looks like heaven to me. And I to did some crazy traveling around by old VW, thumb, and funky buses. Now I can hardly be bothered to go to the next town over by car.


    • jana…whatever you did, it worked! The URL thing, I mean. Yes, I think some of us superannuated hippies could tale some tales! Of course, some of us have selective memories! 😉


  9. I never had the nerve and money to do the world tour thing. It hit hard one of my friends in her mid-twenties and she never worked nine till five again.


    • Kevin…Oh! I can understand your friend’s 9-5 rebellion! For years, I worked weird shifts, made some money then went off and spent it. No regrets.


  10. Amanda…oops! Your comment went to the spam place instead of moderation. Naughty WordPress!

    And yes, there is far more good out here than the evil stuff we hear about.


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