Yes, I have been travelling again. And I’ll tell you about some of my travels, beginning with the new header. This is a view, looking west along Asling’s Beach in Eden, NSW.

But before I got to Eden (oh, go and look at a map…) I spent a couple of days in Brisbane with an old friend …

We were neighbours when The Man and I rented  the house next door to her. She was a keen gardener and our many trips to garden centres, garden parties and gardening discussions probably saved my sanity. There were other things…ginger beer, bread-making various kitchen experiments come to mind

Brisbane seems hell-bent on becoming like Los Angeles…traffic is appalling, it’s often smoggy and buildings are getting taller.

But there is a good bus service operating from  (relatively) close to where my friend now lives. So we parked the car, hopped on a bus and went to Brisbane City Centre. First stop was a concert, put on by the Council for old folk. I think they banked on the fact that most old people are deaf! The sound levels were waaay off the scale and the featured singer screeched. We left after a couple of “songs” and wandered off in the direction of Southbank.

And half way down a main street, H. showed me a Thunbergia mysorensis – alongside some delphiniums, which I thought surprising! It’s  native to the tropical parts of India and ought to do well here, but I’ve never seen one  locally. Maybe I should address that …

I cannot seem to get a link to work, but try Google Images

On to Southbank, site of Expo, 1988. Today, a lovely place to wander or cycle or even run, if you’re that way inclined. Huge trees along the river and garden areas with some seating. And it’s the permanent home now of the giant Ferris wheel. Why the numeral 7  in the hub? I’m guessing that Channel 7 tv is a major sponsor.20181009_112745.jpg

We passed an elderly man (Chinese, I think) squatting  beside the river with a fishing pole. No reel, just a fixed line and old, practised hands gently manipulating it. 20181009_113207.jpg

I’ll leave you with one of the popular areas of the old Roma Street  rail yards. A display, beside a pond, of Brugmansias.20181009_132745.jpg

I’ll be back, maybe tomorrow, maybe later, with more “eye candy.” What’s that you say? I haven’t posted anything funny? Oh, alright. Just as a special treat for loyal readers…20181009_123542.jpg

31 thoughts on “BACK HOME AGAIN

  1. Who doesn’t enjoy a good phuc! One of my fave things to enjoy!

    I love the foto tour! The Ferris Wheel neat! The upside down flowers (my mother had a few!) look gorgeous! And the fisherman by the creek looks fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

    Came over from IDV to say:

    Happy Birthday, Dinahmow!!!


    Cheers and Best wishes for many more years of love, laughter, and joy!

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    • No way Dinahmow, right now I’m not allowed to drive – I’m sorry, but I am only a passenger on this trip. And besides – I’d be a pretty unsafe driver, because we do it all the wrong way round here, I’d constantly look into the wrong direction, and possibly ruin the gear change.

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      • Oh, my car is n automatic so that part would be fine.But, yes, some right hand drivers are a menace on our roads. It’s why I don’t drive in USA.I would need to practise for a few kms/miles first.


    • Thank you, Scarlet. Don’t worry about being a bit late – I have, more than once, forgotten the date myself. And, now that you’re here, stick around…I might have time later to show you some more sights.


  2. Bingo! You said just what I expected! About the Brugmansias, not the Viet Deli! Of course.
    It’s not a very good photo (apparently, it’s difficult to use phone cameras on windy corners.), but these were apricot, white and yellow in a massed planting. I thought of you.
    Cake? Um…no.I didn’t bake a cake. Black garlic and blue cheese…but you’ll have to be quick!


  3. sounds like a great trip and great ‘reunion’ with your friend. I loved that photo of the fisherman — and that you found it of interest. I would have too.
    That Brugmansia was amazing!! I have only seen the ones in pots that live here on the west coast until we went to Hawaii a couple years ago. I saw some growing on the roadsides that blew me away. But this one you’ve shown dwarfs even the ones I saw in Hawaii!

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  4. Ahh…that Brugmansia picture is of a mass planting.Apricot, white and yellow.I don’t know how many were planted to begin, but these have clearly spread quite happily.
    Yes, it was a lovely trip and I have two more ‘episodes” coming up.More gorgeous gardens!

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  5. Yes, happy to be back , but also restless to be off again! If that makes sense?
    Catching up with friends old and new was really lovely and my European genes loved the gardens. And I have (at least two!) more blog


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