Yes, I have been a bit quiet. But I am back at the coal face. Ooh! I shouldn’t say things like that. People might think I voted for the idiot that wants to sell what’s left of this country to foreign mining interests!

So…not the coal face. Back in the saddle? Haven’t got a horse, but I think you get the meaning.

There is no easy way to explain my absence. So I’ll just tell you, briefly, that Stanley has gone. We did not know that his heart was enlarged. It just couldn’t keep going. But, man! he packed a lot into his short life!

His friends sent this gorgeous bouquet for him.


    • Thank you. Yes, we’ve had some laughs at his antics. And his sister (next door) comes to visit sometimes.
      I am following your posts;just not saying much!But the pie book intrigues me. Must i come all the way to Saskatoon. or could I sub a local berry.tee-hee 😉

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      • If you have something roughly equivalent to a wild blueberry, that would do. If you don’t but do have ground almonds, the basic applesauce cake is good with a quarter cup of ground almonds subbed for a quarter cup of the flour.
        I’m thinking of trying it with chopped rhubarb next week, but the high acidity may make the batter ‘interesting’.
        ; ]

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  1. Oh Di, I’m so sorry to hear about Stanley. What a very decorative cat he was. It’s a sad time but you did right by him and he was a lucky boy to come into your family. Hugs!

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    • yes, he hit the jackpot with us! And even if we’d known about the heart thing, he’d still have blasted through his life on full throttle. It’s how we will always think of him.
      Hugs to you, too.


  2. I am so very sorry to hear about Stanley. Oh gosh, I know what a huge hole they leave in our hearts and our home. Sending my sincere, if belated, condolences.

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    • Thank you, Mike. Yes, pets take a fair chunk of the heart when they go, but we try to do the best for them.
      Do you have any native squirrels in southern parts? I did see one, once, long ago in Cheshire (or was it Cumbria?), but I think the greys have forced them out.

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  3. Native red squirrels can still be found in the north of England (including Cumbria) and Scotland, but I don’t think anywhere in the south now – apart from the Isle of Wight, where I think they have managed to keep the greys out.

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      • That’s good, relocating to the garden. They kick the bejesus out of me, but I do not kill spiders. In fact I do not kill any animal, with spine or not. I carry snails from the road. The fact to find another intruder is not so nice.
        Anyway, enough of me : Is there a new garden ? Questions abound, photographs need to be taken, achGottachGOtt

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  4. And as i get out and about to catch up, i’m so sorry to learn this. He was a lucky boy to have found you. Lost Mr. Pickles to an enlarged heart. Big hearted critters leave such a void…. sending love your way.


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